About Us

About Me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Board-Certified Counselor; Board Certified Telehealth Provider and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional currently pursuing a PhD in Christian Counseling and Psychology. I have over 13 years’ experience providing coaching, counseling and consultation to individuals, couples, families, and various groups, addressing a wide range of concerns. I believe strongly in the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship as an aid to wholeness.

I use an integrative and holistic approach which allows the freedom to combine different proven therapeutic methods specific to the individual(s) experience, i.e. CBT, DBT, and Temperament Therapy which is a biblical approach to understanding mankind and our unique needs. Together, we can explore the emotional, nutritional, and spiritual components essential for the journey to healing within. You can achieve balance, experience hope, and realize personal achievement through positive change and renewed focus. The therapeutic process is about you and should be a safe place. I provide an experience of connectedness and a sense of belonging. There are many good therapists, but they are not like kimonos, one size does not fit all. I commend you for embarking on this journey to change and I welcome the opportunity to support you through the process. I look forward to working with you!

Why Choose Triune

At TRIUNE it is all about you and your journey to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. You will feel supported, receive validation, acquire knowledge, and gain the strength to conquer your fears, overcome the pain of your past and embrace the future. Many times, life experiences and human encounters can leave us fragmented and broken. Together, we can put it all together.

Our Mission

Is to provide access to affordable and comprehensive mental health and coaching services for all by delivering a holistic, culturally competent, approach that promote wellness for the whole person and bring about balance between the spirit, soul and body.

Our Vision

To provide Increased awareness of mental health; create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding of how equally important mental clarity is to the whole person.

Triune Offers

  • A safe place, a safe space to unpack and unplug making room for mental clarity.
  • An invitation to explore your desires and dreams of a better and more authentic you.
  • An opportunity to gain a sense of renewed focus and restored hope.
  • A chance to discover your purpose and the courage to activate your unique assignment.