Kathy Coleman

Kathy Coleman


Hello, I am Kathy Coleman and my mental health journey started over 20 years ago when I often found myself on the listening end of a broken heart, a traumatized brain or a confused and fragile spirit. I soon realized that this was not by chance, but I was chosen to accompany others on their journey to wellness even while in pain myself. I have an innate desire to assist others to grow beyond their current situations to a full and satisfying life. I am a Licensed Profession Christian Counselor; National Board-Certified Counselor; Board Certified Telemental Health Provider and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

When our bodies are diseased or in pain, we seek treatment. Why not do the same for our minds and our brains. Your mental health impacts your entire being and should not be ignored. I provide coaching, counseling and consultations to individuals, couples, families and various groups equipping them to manage their minds and emotions. Everyday stressors, relationship and or inner conflicts and other life disturbances leaves us stuck, but there is no need to remain there suffering in silence.

Counseling Philosophy:

I strongly believe in the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship as an aid to wholeness. I use an integrative and holistic approach that will help discover and develop the necessary tools needed to not merely survive but to thrive. The Integrative approach allows the freedom to combine different proven therapeutic methods specific to the individual(s) experience. We will address the emotional, nutritional and spiritual components essential for the journey to healing.

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